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If you’re looking for some of the most flavorable detox water recipes, I’ve got 17 of them for you below! But before that, let’s discuss what the detox part actually stands for.

As a doctor whenever someone tells you that they’re going on a “detox” it:

1) makes you concerned for their health and more importantly,

2) that that person may not get the desired outcome in the end. 

What Concerns Doctors About The Word “Detox” Or A “Cleanse?”


Most of the time when people think of the detoxing, it’s either to benefit a particular part of their body (like the liver) or to lose weight quickly.

I can completely understand why someone would want to do a detox say right after the holidays because you think that it’ll help you get back on the right track. Or reverse the “damage” that you’ve supposedly done to your body.

But just because I understand it, does not equate to me recommending that you do one. Because remember, just like you CANNOT lose substantial weight in one day, you also CANNOT gain substantial weight in one day also.

Your organs naturally work to remove toxins from your body, they do not need help from supposed “detoxes” or “cleanses.”

They work efficiently when left alone and the best thing that any one of us can do is fuel our bodies with food that is nutritious, wholesome, and mainly derived from plants.

Bottom line is that I do not think people should be doing a detox or cleanse (without consulting their doctor at least) in the classic sense that they ONLY drink or eat one specific thing. And NO other food at the same time or restrict entire groups of food in hope of losing weight.

I do however think that people can drink detox water because that only implies that you drinking water infused with other ingredients and not restricting food or food groups.

What Is A Detox Water?

Detox water recipes are simply a combination of water and some type of vegetable, fruit, herb, or even seasoning.

The detox water, also referred to as fruit infused water, can be made with any combination of things, 2 different fruits, a veggie, and a herb if you like or just some herb and water. It’s up to you. But if it means that it’ll make you want to:

a) drink more water and/or

b) drink it in place of other beverages that contain lots of hidden sugar such pop/soda, then I do not see any harm in that.

Plus having water that is combined with other beneficial ingredients by simply just putting them together in a glass, water bottle, or jug vs. juicing or blending makes it extremely low in calories and very easy to make which may be why it’s so attractive and appealing to such a large audience.

Are There Benefits To Drinking Detox Water?


It’s hard to say because you cannot really distinguish whether the benefits are coming from the combination of what you have concocted or if it’s simply the water itself that is providing all of the benefits.

The exact properties of the combination that you are having will depend upon the ingredients and the strength of the infusion at the end of the day.

But if you find yourself bored and unable to drink just plain old water (and I know A LOT of people who feel this way), then infusing it with other ingredients may be a great option.

Benefits Of Water 


Medical News Today has listed 15 benefits of what drinking water can do for you and your body in detail:

  1. Protects joints by providing lubrication
  2. Contributes to the formation of mucus and saliva
  3. Transports O2 throughout the body/Makes up 90% of blood
  4. Essential for skin health
  5. Cushions the brain, spinal cord, and other sensitive tissues
  6. Regulates body temperature
  7. Regulates digestive system
  8. Flushes bodily waste
  9. Helps to regulate blood pressure
  10. Prevents constricted airways
  11. Makes minerals and nutrients accessible
  12. Helps kidneys to function appropriately
  13. Boosts performance during exercise
  14. May assist in weight loss
  15. Reduces your chance of a hangover

In order to get the recommended amount of water I personally drink throughout the day from my Thermoflask water bottle.

It’s a 40 oz stainless steel water bottle that I bought a year ago and I use it every single day. I don’t like to drink ice cold water (unless I’m headed to a workout), I generally prefer room temperature and I find that having the water right in front of me makes it super convenient for me to simply reach over, take a gulp, and continue working.

Click here for the Thermoflask Double Wall Insulated Stainless Steel Water Bottle on amazon

As I mentioned before, I’ve had this bottle for over a year now and it’s actually traveled from coast to coast with me because it’s the best one I’ve ever had! It’s honestly the only water bottle you’ll need because you can use it year round as the seasons change. I’ve had hot steaming drinks in the winter and ice cold drinks in the summer and both keep there temperature for hours and it stores a lot!

I also love the fact that it’s stainless steel for those who want an eco-friendly water bottle and also has a big mouth piece so that you are not struggling to get a sip.

It’s definitely worth the price and I think it’s perfect for anyone who 1) loves to drink water and wants a durable and great priced water bottle or 2) struggles to drink water but is willing to make a detox water recipe. This bottle comes in a pack of two (which is the one I bought and gave the other bottle to my sister) or you can buy a single one as well.

Have a look at the following detox water recipes that I think would help to prevent bloating, and contain anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties as well!

Have it warm or ice cold, the preference is yours, and feel free to leave the peel ON for all of the ingredients. Just chop up the things you want to add, and throw them into your water.

Or to release more flavor and nutrients try “mashing” up any ingredient instead of simply just adding it to the water.

Please have a look at the 17 detox water recipes that I’ve collected below!

17 Detox Water Recipes For A Flat Tummy


1)  Watermelon with Aloe Vera via Eat This 


Pic courtesy of @amylinnyoga

Watermelon already has a high concentration of water within it so why would you add it your water? It adds a naturally sweetened flavor to the water plus Vitamins A, C, and B! Aloe vera has both anti-oxidant and anti-bacterial properties and can help to lower blood sugar levels as well!

2)  Papaya Juice with Ginger & Maca via Pretty Easy Life



Papaya is high in fiber and therefore great for digestion. It can help to lower cholesterol as well! Maca is a great mood AND energy booster, which is one of the main reason’s athletes use it! And ginger is a superfood because of its strong anti-inflammatory properties. Plus, the sweetness from the papaya is a great combo with the bite from the ginger.


3) Cucumber, Mint, & Lime via Who



Cucumber is made predominately of water but has many minerals/nutrients which can aid in weight loss too. Lime has amazing anti-inflammatory benefits, protects against cancer, and reduces your risk of heart disease. While mint is high in Vitamin A, it also contains folate, manganese, and iron too! It’s easy to add to any concoction and can help fight bad breath as well.


4) Mixed Berries via Who



Add any berries (which are all high in anti-oxidants, especially the darker in color that they get) for more taste; ranging from sweet to bitter – the choice is yours! This is definitely one of my favorite detox water recipes!


5) Apple Cinnamon via Healthy Life Ways



This was a necessary recipe to add, given the winter season we are all braving right now, with both apples and cinnamon providing a warmth to the otherwise plain and/or cold water you may be having right now. Both ingredients are rich in flavor and nutrients plus taste great together.


6) Grapefruit, Orange, & Cucumber via The Sway


Grapefruit has so many benefits that it’s hard to write them all down. It has anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties plus contains the following nutrients: Vitamin A and C, magnesium, folate, thiamine, and potassium! Cucumbers are high in fiber and great for digestion and to regulate blood sugar levels. Plus oranges are VERY high in vitamin C and for regulating blood sugar, blood pressure, and cholesterol levels – that’s a lot from only ONE of the ingredients in this mix!


7) Citrus Rainbow via Healthy Life Ways 



All citrus fruits are high in vitamin C, contain potassium, magnesium, and some B vitamins, and rich in other plant compounds. Besides all of these benefits, they add color and taste to the water and can be used interchangeably depending upon what you already have in your kitchen! Leave the peel on to save time and cut them into thin round slices (as shown in the pic) for more flavor.


8) Cucumber, Lemon, Mint & Orange via Blogilates 



Cucumbers, mint, and orange benefits have already been discussed but can we talk about the versatility of lemon now? Lemon is a superfood because it can help support both heart and digestive health, and can be used to control weight as well. It also protects against cancer, anemia, and the formation of kidney stones! Add this to your water along with the other ingredients for one invigorating drink.


9) Cucumber, Lemon, Lime, Orange, Mint & Ginger via Spend With Pennies 


This recipe has so many ingredients that your water will no longer be boring and will actually taste like something! There are many nutrients and minerals individually from each ingredient so when combined together, they form an unbeatable combination.


10) Apple Cider Vinegar via Sweet Peas and Saffron



Apple cider vinegar has been having a moment. Actually it has been having a moment for many years now. And it’s because it has so many benefits that adding it to your water (or to a dish) will improve your health when consumed regularly. Note that because it is very acidic, it can harm your enamel, so it is important to brush your teeth after having it.


11) Apples, Lemon, & Carrot via Sprout Origin



Apples and lemons are great on their own. But when you add the benefits from some carrots to the mix, you get an even better concoction on your hand! Carrots are extremely high in vitamin C and therefore great for skin plus they have fiber, potassium, and vitamin K making them one of the weight loss friendly ingredients within this recipe.


12) Lemon & Ginger via Happy Foods Tube 



I drink tea with ginger everyday (it’s a family trait!) and I swear by it. Ginger is a strong anti-inflammatory agent that protects against disease and adds flavor to anything you add it to. Mixing ginger AND lemon in water is a great source of nutrients and minerals plus both are excellent weight maintenance tools.


13) Morning Turmeric via Trial and Eater 




Turmeric has such potent anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties that I use it regularly in food and drinks. Did you know that it helps to protect against heart disease, cancer, and Alzheimer’s? The taste is bitter so combating it with something sweet (for example, with some honey or maple syrup) in the beginning is an easier way to adjust to it and make it more pleasant to consume. You can but it as a powder or in its natural form, but may be cheaper when bought as a powder.


14) Strawberry, Lime, & Mint via Wholefully 




Strawberries offer many nutrients and because of their characteristic taste, will offset both the mint and lime flavor, making this drink wonderful to look at and to taste! This is another one of my favorite detox water recipes out there!


15) Cucumber, Lemon, Mint & Ginger via Cookpad 



This drink is incredibly easy to put together and can spruce up any water you add it too – plus you can try it in both warm and/or cold water depending upon your own preference! Let it sit for a couple of hours before consuming it in order to reap all of the benefits from the ingredients listed.


16) Grapefruit, Cucumber, & Lemon/Lime and Mint via Brooke & Daron 



All of the ingredients listed within this title speak for themselves when it comes to the amount of nutrients and vitamins that you get individually and now together as a whole. Remember to keep the peel on to save time, and to cut them horizontally and not length wise for more flavor and added benefits when placed in water. Plus this method will make sure your money is well spent too!


17) Blueberry & Orange via The Peach Kitchen 




There was only one way to end this recipe list – It had to include ingredients that were rich in anti-oxidants and flavor plus beautiful to look at. Use fresh or frozen blueberries (depending upon the season you are in) and add any type of oranges that you desire for a drink that is both refreshing and high in minerals and great for weight loss/weight management.


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I hope you enjoyed all 17 detox (flavored) water recipes! 

Stay happy, stay healthy!


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